Welcome to Vienna and ‘Servus’ !

I am a qualified tour guide as well as Art Historian and I would be delighted to show you the absolute highlights of Vienna, the historically and art historically most important places but also to unlock for you the lesser known and for visitors often hard to find secrets of my home town! I will guide you from the remains of the Roman military camp Vindobona, to the medieval town of the Babenbergers, to the flourishing Danube metropolis with her imposing Baroque buildings and the stately architecture along the Ringstraße (a circular road around the centre of Vienna) but also introduce you to the modern vibrant UN city that Vienna is now. All of this will be served with stories about important local residents, the aristocracy, emperors and artists as well as amusing anecdotes and mysterious folk tales. I am looking forward to taking you on a journey across this unique city in the heart of Europe that is on the one hand drenched in history – and on the other hand ranks among the top in the world for quality of life!

Belvedere IIIDid you for example know that the so called ‘original’ Viennese Sachertorte has to contain a layer of jam through the middle? Or that wine is being cultivated on one of the busiest places in Vienna? How the Krapfen (a close relative to the donut) got his name and why Albrecht the Wise was hung upside down on a rope? Did you know that Liechtenstein is only a few metres away from Mayerling or that there used to be bee hives on the roof of the Vienna State Opera? What it was that Empress Maria Theresia presumably had to eat after giving birth to one of her 16 children? Where it was that a certain Count Falkenstein was thrown out of a brothel – and what he had in common with a venerable Emperor of the house Habsburg? What the special energy drink was that Sisi created with the help of a ‘canard-au-sang’ press? And where the ‘kropferte Lisl’ (goitred Liz) is buried?

Join me on one of my city walks or excursions – and you will find out! We could go on an Art History tour through the Viennese museums, or make an excursion to the Vienna Woods, maybe go on a trip to the Danube Valley Wachau, Burgenland or Salzburg – I would be delighted to offer my services to you!