About myself

Vienna – the city of music, the city of the arts!

I was born in Vienna and grew up in a family of musicians and artists, and so I had been immersed in the culture of my home town from very early on. Coming from a musical family I played the violin, had classical singing lessons and even travelled with an orchestra.

Belvedere IIIBy the time I was 18 I got itchy feet and longed for travel and adventure – so I moved to Rome to spend a year studying Italian. Upon my return I graduated in Tourism and Hotel Management, worked for various hotels and travel agents and later as a tour guide all across Europe, from Paris to Italy to Malta to Greece. In my spare time I enrolled at the University of Vienna to study Spanish, French and Art History. I spent a year at the French language Université Libre in multicultural Brussels before finishing my degree in Art History in Vienna. The time abroad did not just open my eyes to cultural differences , it also has taught me to see the city of my birth with fresh eyes and having now graduated in Art History I appreciate all the more the treasures that Vienna has to offer. The next logical step was to obtain the state-approved tour guide certificate in order to make my passions (walking, hiking, art, culture, music and culinary art) my profession and to share them with you!

It is now ten years that I have been working as a tour guide and I enjoyed every day of it. My wide range of qualification enables me to offer varied and diverse services in several languages. Particular specialities are aspects of art history when visiting Viennese art galleries and museums. The following pages contain descriptions the range of activities I offer. I would be delighted to offer my services to you, too!